About AuditionSEA

AuditionSEA, is a free-to-play Online Game which brings everyone who loves Music, Dance & Fashion together to experience the exhilaration of the trendiest artist and latest hits!

The game emphasizes on breathtaking graphics, great music, fancy dance moves, the latest trends & fashion complete with a multitude of features.

Fashion Mall

Audition offers something for everyone - from Fashionistas to hardcore dance freaks. Players get to dress themselves up with the latest fashionable clothes and accessories.
Avatars in the game are highly customizable and fashion-forward shopaholics can look forward to spending lots of time in the Fashion Mall, browsing over thousands of items for the snazziest hairstyles, glitziest costumes and cutest pets, creating a character that is unique and representative of their own personalities.

Basic Controls

With simple directional arrows and space-bar game play, players can experience the most fancy and sleekest dance moves in Audition. Choreograph your favorite dance with the Freestyle Battle Modes, play with your team in the Team Battle Modes, or show off your own style with thousands of different dance moves! Now you can perform the dance of your dreams today!

Great Music
Audition is more than just a game - it also offers the latest chart toppers for pure listening pleasure. Simply plug yourself in and take your pick from the mind-blowing play-list of music hits today!
Game Modes
Definitely one of the highlights of Audition!
Be wowed by the countless game modes you can try in Audition, ranging from the simple Choreography to Club Dance to the sweet Couple Dance! With more than 40 different modes to explore, you will never be bored in Audition!


Having a FAM(ily) in Audition brings your stay in Audition to the next level! A FAM holds up to 100 people and it brings your in-game friends and "family" together! Similar to a guild function in other games, but extended to being able to purchase a house and accessories to house your FAM members! It keeps your FAM working hard towards making your FAM more homely! Having a FAM also allows you to take part in FAM battles to build the rapport amongst your members. You get to challenge other FAMs and accumulate more FAM points to stay on top of the FAM Ranking Ladder!

Ranking System
With Audition's very own ranking system, you can compete to be the best dancer on stage by climbing the ranking ladder! All users start out at Level 1 in the game's ranking system and attempt to progress by getting more experience points and completing Licenses to move up to the next character level. The higher your level, the higher you rank on the Dance Charts!

Messenger System
This awesome function is similar to many popular messenger services (such as whatsapp)! It allows you to add up to 100 friends and will inform you when your friends come online or if they are in away mode. You can even search for your friends to see where they are. This way you will never lose track of your buddies no matter where they are are!

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Audition provides the perfect platform for you to start dancing to the beat with great music and to compete with your friends to become the best dancer on stage!
Dance, dance, dance today!