How to use Cash Shop

How to Use

What is Cash Shop?
In Audition, the Cash Shop is also known as the Fashion Mall. The Fashion Mall is where you can dress up your character with the latest fashionable clothes and accessories.
You can also shop for items which will help to differentiate your character from the rest and boost your experience and dens gained!

What are Cash Items?
In the Fashion Mall, you may see items that are purchasable by the in-game currency "Dens" and "A-Cash". Cash items are items which are purchasable by A-Cash.

How to Access the Fashion Mall?
To access the Fashion Mall, click on "Shopping Mall" at the "Audition Town" when you first login. Then click on the "Fashion Mall" icon to view the list of available items.

What Kinds of Items are Available in the Fashion Mall?
You can customise how your character looks with pretty items under the "Face", "Hair", Bottom", "Clothes", "Set", "Shoes" and "Accessory" categories. With thousands of items to choose from and more than 100 items added to the Fashion Mall every month, you will never run out of outfits! Definitely a great way to stand out from the crowd!
There are also in-game items under the "Pet" and "Interior" categories which help to boost your experience and dens gained with every game played!
The "Motion" and "Emotion" categories feature items which allows your character to display unique actions and emoticons to tell other players about how you are feeling! A good way to interact with other players when you are chatting in the Lobby or in the Messenger!

Trying on Items and Purchasing Them
You may try on items in the Fashion Mall by clicking on them. The preview of how your character will look will appear on the left side of your screen. Click on the item again to unequip.
You may select "Male" / "Female" items to view items for the opposite gender.
To purchase the item, simply click on the Icon 1. You will be shown 3 options "7 Days", "30 Days" and "Indefinite" which refer to the duration of the item. Click on "Purchase" to purchase the item. Item purchased can be found in your "My Items" tab.
Alternatively, you may also customise your character with all the items you would like to purchase first and click on "Avatars Betaking" at the top right hand corner to purchase all items that your character is trying on for convenience.
There is an option to "Request" an item from your friends if they would like to buy you a gift! Do this by clicking on Icon 3 and typing in the friend's in-game nick and click on "Request". Your friends can then accept the request under their "Gift Box" to send you the item!
You can also save the items you have chosen for purchasing the next time you login. Click on Icon 4 to save the chosen item to your "Basket". To purchase the item the next time you login, click on "Basket" and purchase directly.

How do I Gift Items to Friends?
Select the item you would like to send to your friend, click on Icon 2. Type in the In-Game Nick of your friend, select duration of item and click "Send".
Your gift will be sent to your friend's "Gift Box"!