Top Up

  1. How to Use?
  2. Why I can't charge my prepaid card?

How to Use?
1: Login to Asiasoft Passport

2: Select @cash > Top Up

You will see a list of payment channel.

3: For Prepaid Card, enter the Serial Number and Security Code as shown at the back of your Prepaid Card.

4: Cash Charging completed. You will see the following message on your screen upon a successful top-up.

Why I can't charge my prepaid card?
  1. Ensure you have entered the correct serial number. Serial numbers of all Asiasoft prepaid cards start with two alphabets, followed by 13 numbers. (If you are wondering whether a character in the serial number is a 'D' or '0', it is a '0')
  2. Ensure you have entered the security code as shown on the card. All security codes are in capital letters.
  3. You may send us a message via iBox if you encounter any other problems in charging prepaid cards.

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