5 Valentine’s Day gifts every Clubber will love

Number 5: Panda Emoticons - "Those with Panda eyes has someone dear to miss at night"

Newer than Sheep & Cuter than Peach!
Panda emoticons are the NEWEST emoticons added to AuditionSEA in February 2017! Don't be afraid to expression more!

Number 4: Robo Family - "I love you with all my butt, I would say heart, but my butt is bigger!"

The functional avatar family will give you Set Effects like bonus +40EXP, Set will glow, motion changed, unique finish move, UI change!

Number 3: Caught you - "I'm hooked! I can't cut you off my mind"

Fashion Fishing rod accessory to complete your latest Spring Style!

Number 2: NEW Baby Bee (Ultimate EXP Bonus Pet) - “No BEE No Honey”

Baby Bee is an ultimate EXP pet which gives +80EXP bonus each round. Baby Bee won’t hang around in the shopping mall forever; bring 1 home now or never.

Number 1: AuditionSEA Heart Shape Cushion! – An Exclusive Cuddly, Fluffy, Pink, Heart-shaped cushion

Besides having a high EXP bonus pet, here’s your chance to win a real life premium, the “AuditionSEA Cushion”.

1Simply purchase/ gift Baby Bee from Fashion Mall, for 90 days or more!
2Post a picture of Baby Bee Pet while dancing, in game room, or game lobby on your Facebook. Tag AuditionSEA on Facebook.
3Top 20 most likes will be contacted via Facebook or in-game on prize collection details.

*Event is open to players from Singapore & Malaysia from 07 February 2017 – 21 February 2017

**Term & Condition apply