Dear Clubbers,

Know someone who is..
> Always an observer in Wedding License and Love Party?
> Don't know the importance of watering & dusting Couple Garden hourly?
> Have never entered the Couple Shop?
> Is always waiting for random player from opposite gender to partner in couple mode?
> and the list goes on....

Let's help them end their single life (at least in AuditionSEA) on single day 11.11!
1: Tag a friend who needs help on our Facebook and leave your in-game-nickname
2: Encourage him/her to participate in our Club Dance III Event on 11 Nov 2016, from 1700hrs to 1800hrs
3: You will walk away with a Cutie Winky Face for 7 days.

On 11 Nov 2016, from 1700hrs to 1800hrs > Players who successfully couple up during event will win an Exclusive Bunny Hoodie Set(30days)

Winners who couple during event
Exclusive Bunny Hoodie Set(30days)
Clubbers who tagged a single friend on Facebook
Cutie Winky Face (7days)

-AuditionSEA Administrator