Dear Clubbers,

We have a series of events lined up for you this school holiday!

Event #1: Expert Lovers
Date10 March 2017Time1500hrs - 1600hrs
ModeExpert Couple DanceSongRandom
CriteriaCouple with highest Synchronized HeartsPrizePeach Emoticons

Event #2: Beat Them Up (Team)
Date11 March 2017Time1500hrs - 1600hrs
ModeBeat Up TeamSongRandom
CriteriaTeam with the highest ComboPrizeSmiley Wings

Event #3:Party With The GM (Team)
Date15 March 2017Time1500hrs - 1600hrs
ModeCC4 TeamSongRandom
CriteriaWin GM Team ScorePrizeMecha Black Rose Wing

Event #4:Crazy Dance Party Night (Team)
Date17 March 2017Time1900hrs - 2000hrs
ModeCrazy 9SongRandom
CriteriaTeam with highest scorePrizeGrand Butterfly Deck

Event #5:Lovers of the night
Date18 March 2017Time1500hrs - 1600hrs
ModeCouple Dance 31 4DSongRandom
CriteriaCouple with highest scorePrizeHidden Level Card

Rules for all events
  • GMs will host rooms for players to join and everyone can take part
  • Players are only allowed to join once
  • All the observer slots will be open.
  • Chance settings will depends on GM who is hosting the event room.
  • GM has the right to alter the event according to their fit.
  • All Prizes will be of 7days duration

-AuditionSEA Administrator