Asiasoft Passport Creation

Register for an Asiasoft Passport

  1. Click on "Sign Up" on the left side menu of AuditionSEA website.
  2. Click on "Sign Up" register for an account.
  3. Fill in all fields with appropriate information.
    1. Citizen Info
      Select your citizenship. (Please tick in the checkbox if you are a Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR).)
    2. Account Information
      1. Enter your desired Login ID and check for availability.
      2. Enter your Email and check for availability. (Note: 1 passport account is to be registered with a unique email address.)
      3. Enter your desired Password and double Confirm your Password.
    3. Personal Information
      1. Enter your Full Name. (Please enter your real name as stated in your National identity or Passport.)
      2. Enter your National ID
      3. Enter your Date of Birth
      4. Select your Gender
      5. Enter the code as shown in the image accordingly. You may click on "Refresh Image" for a new code if the code is unclear to you.
    4. Terms and Conditions
      1. Click on "Yes, I have read the Terms and Conditions and I accept them" to proceed with the registration.
  4. Visit and click on "Verify your email address".
    1. Enter your Login ID
    2. Enter your Email
    3. Enter Verification Code
    4. Click on Submit
  5. Asiasoft Passport Registration Completed.
    1. Now you have successfully verified your email. You can now login your Asiasoft Passport to view your updated account status. Your membership type should change to “Regular”.

  6. To create AuditionSEA Game Account, please visit HERE for the game account creation guide.

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