Audition has very simple controls that makes picking it up easy but very hard to master!

The basic game modes of Audition only require the arrow keys to input the arrow directions shown, and the Space Bar (CTRL can also be used) to hit to the beat of the song.

For advanced game modes, the NUMPAD will be used to input the directions shown (during these modes, the NumLock must be off).

Audition basic key control and explanation of hot keys.

Note: Chance mode is NOT available in "Entry" Channel.

Input Commands

Audition advance key control and explanation of hot keys.
Hot Keys Function
/to + nickname Whisper to a friend
/w + nickname Whisper to a friend
/bla Block ALL whispers
/wla Unblock ALL whispers
/bl + nickname Block an individuals from whispering
/wl + nickname Unblock an individual from whispering
/invon Turn room invitation on
/invoff Turn room invitation off
/go + room number Enter game room of the number stated
Ctrl + S Adjust Volume
Ctrl + Q Exit to lobby while observing in game room
F1 Shortcut key to ready/start a game
F2 Adjust Camera
F3 Turn special effect on/off (During game play only)
/my info Display user Information (Premium Messenger User
/whois + IGN Display other user's information (Premium Messenger User)
/couple info Display couple's information (Premium Messenger User)
/friends Display list of online friends
/bankbook Display amount of Dens and Audition Cash in possession
/time Display Current Server Time
/normal ranking Display Clubber Ranking
/competition ranking Display Expert Competition Ranking
/beatrush ranking Display BeatRush Competition Ranking
/story ranking Display Story Mode Ranking
/couple ranking Display Couple Ranking
/record Display information on accumulated round information for each login
/judgement Display user's round judgement
/all judgement Display all users' round judgement
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