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Audition is a great place for players to get together and form strong bonds of friendship! Friends can get together and form a FAM where they can play together and battle against other FAMs.

Entering the FAM Office will go to the FAM Center where players can perform these actions:
  • Open New FAM
    (Only for players who do not have a FAM)
  • Search and/or View FAMs
  • Apply to Join FAMs
    (Only for players who do not have a FAM)
  • Enter My FAM
    (Only for players who own or joined a FAM)

Open FAM

Only players who are currently not in any FAM are able to create a FAM. In order to create a FAM, the FAM creator must meet the minimum requirement of Level 21 and have at least 1 Million DENs in possession.

The creator of the FAM will become the FAM Master and have the ability to control the FAM.

Here's what the FAM Master is able to do:
  • Adjust setup of FAM
    • Change House
    • Change FAM Design
      (Bank, Bulletin, Clock, etc.)
  • Change FAM privacy status
  • Change FAM Introductions
  • Manage Members
    • Accept players into FAM
    • Change FAM Member ranking
    • Kick FAM Member
  • Write or delete FAM Bulletin and adjust Bulletin settings
  • Change FAM Announcement
  • Dismiss to close FAM
    (FAMs once closed will lose all members, items and DENs and players will not be able to get them back)

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FAM Shop
Only FAM Master can purchase items from the FAM Shop. FAM Members cannot make any purchases but can view the FAM Shop.

Here's what you can find in the FAM Shop:
  • FAM Houses
    • Various House Designs
    • Small, Medium and Large Houses to have more FAM Member
  • Bank Designs
  • Notice Designs
  • Bulletin Board Designs
  • Clock Designs
  • FAM Items
    • Additional FAM Bulletin
      (Increase number of Bulletin messages)
    • FAM Channel Ticket
      (Purchase Channels for your FAM for a short time period to earn bonus FAM Points in the Channel)
  • Top, Bottom & Far Views to change Background Design

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Join FAM

Players without a FAM can search from a FAM in the FAM Center. They can search by typing in the FAM Name in the Search Bar or scrolling through the pages to view the FAM Ranking.

Select a FAM in the list, or after searching for a FAM, click "Apply to join" to apply. After application, players must wait for the FAM Master to accept the entry before being able to be part of the FAM.

FAM Members may be promoted to a JR Member where they will be allowed to perform more functions.

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FAM House

In the FAM House, members can make use of various FAM functions. Some functions will only be available after the FAM Master has purchased the item from FAM Shop.

Here's what FAM Members can do:
  • Add a FAM Bulletin message
    (Depends on Bulletin settings set up by FAM Master)
  • Check the in-game time by clicking on the Clock
  • Donate DENs to FAM by clicking on the Bank
    • FAM DENs is shared in the FAM
    • FAM DENs is used to purchase items from FAM Shop
  • Take and Check Attendence by clicking on the FAM House

With many members in a FAM, players can get together and compete with other FAMs in FAM Battles! Earning FAM Points from Battles and Channels will boost your FAM up the Ranking Boards.

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