Audition Messenger is a useful tool for ease of chatting between your Friends and FAM members.

There are 3 types of Messenger:
  • Basic Messenger (Default)
  • Premium Messenger
  • Premium Messenger Plus


Click on Messenger to open Messenger Menu. A list of options will appear.

  1. Search Function
    Click on the Magnifying Glass icon followed by entering a friend's Nickname to retrieve information on location and status.

  2. Message Box
    Send an offline message to a friend via Message Box.

  3. Option

    1. Change Messenger Title (Premium user only)
    2. Block or Allow whisper from different group of friends.
    3. Block or Allow Message from different group of friends.
    4. Allow or Reject room invitation.
    5. Display Text/Pop-up Notice when a friend logged in or out.
    6. Set your preferred macro chat message.

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