Catalogues are a great way to check out what other players are wearing! If you really like the items you can directly purchase them from the catalogue without going to the Fashion Mall to search for it.

Catalogue can only be open when you are in a game room with other players. Just right click on the player and select Catalogue.

User Catalogue Menu

    1 Checklist Tick the items you want to buy in a consolidated list.
    2 Purchase Buy the one item only.
    3 Add to Basket Add item to Basket to buy later in the Mall.
    4 Recipient Type in a friend's IGN to Gift selected items to him/her.
    5 List of Items Displays list of selected items in Checklist.
    6 Cost & Balance White Text: Displays the item name, duration and its cost.
    Red Text: Displays total cost of all selected items.
    Yellow Text: Displays amount of Audition Cash in possession.
    Green Text: Displays amount of in-game currency (Dens) in possession.
    7 Purchase Purchase all the selected items.
    8 Gift Send all the selected items as a Gift to a friend.
    9 Request For Send a request to a friend to purchase the selected items for you.
    10 Collection View items sent to the Basket.
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