Dressing Up

Dressing Up

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Fashion Mall

Fashion mall provides thousands of highly customizable avatars like face expressions, hair styles, bottoms, clothes, sets, shoes, pets and accessories for players to create a unique style to stand out from the crowd.

No. Feature Details
1 Character A preview of selected avatars.
2 Colour Lotion Preview or change the skin tone of your character.
3 Camera View Click on "+ or "-" to zoom in or out.
Click on the arrow to rotate your character for back or side view.
4 Dens Balance Displays the amount of in-game currency (Dens) in possession.
5 Audition Cash Balance Displays the amount of Audition Cash in possession.
6 Male & Female Items Toggle between Male or Female items.
7 My Items Displays all the items in possession in each category.
8 My Cody Save the current avatar into a set for a quick change.
9 Basket View items added to the Purchase List.
10 Review Couple If you have a couple, click on this to check his/her current outfit.
11 Gift Box Displays a list of presents received.
Players must click on new presents to receive them into My Items.
12 Prepaid Cash Click to link to Asiasoft Passport for a fast @Cash top up.
13 Chatting Chat while you shop in the Mall!
14 Avatar Betaking Displays your current avatar set.
15 Mini Basket A miniature version of Basket.
16 Purchase Purchase the selected item.
17 Gift Send this item to a friend as a Gift.
18 Request Send a request to a friend to Gift this item to you.
19 Add to Basket Add item to Basket first to purchase later while browsing the Mall.


You can also change your outfit in the game room. Click on the wardrobe icon to open up the Wardrobe to view your avatar collection in the game.

You collection of avatars will be displayed in different item categories. Click on the categories to view the avatars you have.
Select the avatars you wish to change by clicking on the avatar items. You will be able to view what your new outfit looks like in the Preview panel on the right.

After selecting the desired avatar click on "Confirm"" to change to the selected avatars.
Alternatively, click on "Initialise" if you do not wish to change, and want to revert your outfit to your original set (before the change).

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Couple Shop

Couple Shop is a fantastic way for Wedded Couples to shop together and get matching outfits.

Note: Couple Shop can only be entered by Wedded Couples. Couples that have not successfully pass Wedding will not be able to enter Couple Shop.

Couple Shop offers many matching couple avatar sets. You can purchase avatars for yourself or gift them to your couple. Shop easy by selecting all the avatars you wish to wear, click BUY in the Preview window to purchase all the avatar in one go!

Couple Registration License

Couples who are bored of their default boring Couple Registration License can purchase a brand new one in Couple Shop! There are many beautiful License you can purchase.

Click on the CROSS button next to each Couple License to preview how your License will look like after purchase. Check out the Special Couple License for beautiful animated License.

Couple License once purchased will automatically replace your currently used License. All License have Indefinite durations and will be used immediately. To change your Couple License, you will need to purchase another one in Couple Shop.

Couple Ring

Couples who want a different Ring can purchase a new one in Couple Shop. There are many different gorgeous Rings couples can select and purchase.

All Rings have Indefinite durations and will be added to your Couple Love Ring Box. Normal Couple Rings require players to have the required Couple Level to purchase.

For Couples who want something rare, they can purchase the Special Couple Rings with beautiful sparkle animations included.

Special Couple Rings will have a special place in your Couple Ring Box under the Special section. Special Couple Rings require the stated Couple Points to be available for purchase.

Couple Room and Items

Couple Rooms allow couples to create a room with a gorgeous backdrop made specially for Couples. Couple Rooms have one usage only when purchased.

After purchasing the Couple Room item, any of the couple can create a room. Click on USE to use the Couple Room item.

  • Once used, the Couple Room item will disappear and rooms created after will be normal rooms.
  • Couple Rooms can only have 2 players in the game room.

Couples can also purchase Couple Items such as Couple Pet Speak which allows the Couple Pets to speak, and Date Planner. Check out more details about Date Planner in our Couple Features page.

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MakeUp Room

Show off your sense of style with the amazing new MakeUp Room! Here is all you need to know to create your very own beautiful back accessories with wonderful effects and gorgeous colors!

MakeUp Additional Items

Item Description
Colored Beads Adds a color of your choice to your MakeUp Accessory. You can select from a list of 8 colors and you can preview the color on your accessory in MakeUp Room.
Glitter Beads Adds a glitter sparkle effect to your MakeUp Accessory. You can preview the sparkle glitter effect on your accessory in MakeUp Room.
Color & Glitter Beads Adds both color effect and glitter effect to your MakeUp Accessory. You can select from a list of 8 colors and view both the color and sparkle glitter effect on your accessory in MakeUp Room.
DEN Beads Add effect to accessory that gains Bonus DEN when playing in a game room while wearing the accessory.
EXP Beads Add effect to accessory that gains Bonus EXP when playing in a game room while wearing the accessory.

  • When using other visual effect Beads, the current effect will be removed and be replaced with the new selected effect.
  • For example, if current effect is Colored Beads, when using Glitter Beads, the color effect will be removed and the glitter effect will be added.
  • To have both a color and glitter effect, you can use the Color & Glitter Beads.

  • Additional Items must be added to the MakeUp Accessory during the upgrading process.
  • When using Colored Beads with Points upgrade, MakeUp Accessory upgrade sucess rate will raise by 3%.
  • When using Glitter Beads with Points upgrade, MakeUp Accessory upgrade sucess rate will raise by 5%.
  • When using Color & Glitter Beads with Points upgrade, MakeUp Accessory upgrade sucess rate will raise by 10%.
  • When using any Additional Items without Points upgrade, MakeUp Accessory upgrade sucess rate will be 100%.

MakeUp Points

  • Points are required to upgrade your MakeUp Accessory to increase the item level and improve the accessory design.
  • 1~5 Points can be gained from each game room you play with other players.
  • Points gained depends on player's ranking in game room and the number of players playing together in the game room.
  • Points gained can be viewed in the Results screen.
  • You need 100 Points for each MakeUp Accessory level upgrade.
  • After using Points for upgrade, Points will disappear regardless if upgrade was a success or failure.

MakeUp Accessories

There are 3 different MakeUp Accessories currently available! Each accessory has its own style and design. Leveling each of the MakeUp Accessory will change the design to something brand new and unique. So try upgrading the Item Level for each MakeUp accessory to find a style that suits you!

MakeUp Upgrade

No. Name Description
1 Player Avatar Similar to Mall, you can view your avatar on the screen wearing the avatar & accessory selected. Preview of color and glitter effects can also be viewed here.

Rotate Avatar: Hold left click and move mouse
Zoom In Avatar: Hold right click and move mouse up or down
2 MakeUp Points Display amount of Points you have collected. Bar and number of Points will reduce when used during upgrading.
3 Avatar Selected When clicking on U on accessory, it will be added here to use for upgrading.
4 Points Selected USE button will appear after selecting accessory for upgrading. Click on USE button to use 100 Points to upgrade item level.
5 Item Selected When clicking on U on item, it will be added here to use for upgrading.
6 Success Rate Displays % of success rate of upgrading MakeUp Accessory. Using Additional Items will increase the success rate percentage slightly.
7 MakeUp Upgrade Process Displays if upgrading is Success or Fail.
8 Category Click on Accessory or Item to switch category.
9 List of MakeUp Accessories & Items Only MakeUp Accessories & Items will be listed here. All other items will not be displayed.

  • To upgrade your MakeUp Accessory, you need to go to MakeUp Room.
  • Select the accessory to wear it and preview it on your avatar.
  • Select U on the accessory you wish to use for upgrading.
  • Each accessory has different maximum item level.
  • Select USE to add 100 Points to increase your item level.
  • If you wish to add any Additional Items, go to Item Category and select U to use the item.
  • SUCCESS will show you the success rate chance of the MakeUp Upgrade.

  • The Progress Box will display if your MakeUp Upgrade is a Success or Fail.
  • If the MakeUp Upgrade Fails,
    • upgraded Item Level will drop by one level,
    • upgraded design on accessory will revert back to the previous design,
    • and all added effects will disappear.

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