If you want a harder challenge while dancing, why not try completing our Big Game Mission Book? There are more than 100 Missions for you to unlock and complete. Try your best to fill up your Mission Book!

Big Game Mission Book

You can open up your Big Game Mission Book from your "My Info" screen in the Dancing Hall.

In your Mission Book, you can see all the Missions available in Audition. You can browse between Missions for Normal, Beat Up, One Two and Beat Rush game modes. Click on the arrows at the bottom of the book to scroll through each page of Missions.

Your Missions book will also show you if you have successfully completed a Mission, failed a Mission and your Mission completion success rate! Roll over each Mission to check out how many times you have completed or failed that Mission.
  • Dark Yellow Missions: Locked Missions
  • Bright Yellow Missions: Successfully completed Missions
  • Purple Missions: Failed Missions
  • Success Rate: Rating for how many Missions have been completed

Hidden Missions

Hidden Missions are all locked until you have completed all your regular Missions for every single mode. Once your success rate for each mode is 100%, you can try to complete all the Hidden Missions!

Viewing Mission in Game

When playing in Audition, sometimes a Mission pop-up will appear when you start the game! The Mission will then minimize to the side of the screen. You can press F10 or click on the icon at the side of the screen to open up a small window to show you what you must do to complete this Mission.

Mission Rewards

If you meet the requirements for the Mission in the stage, you have successfully completed the Mission! If you didn't meet the requirements, you will fail the mission but you can always try to complete it again if it appears in your game. Completing Missions will give you great rewards! If you complete a Mission successfully in the stage, you will be given cool rewards.

Here are some rewards that Missions can give you:
  • Bulletin Points
  • Extra Dens
  • Extra Experience Points

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