Are you Kidding Me?

Dear Crabs,

1st of July is International Joke Day. Yes, it really is, we are not kidding.
So we will be having an event that will crack you up (we don't mean to crack you literally) and win yourself a prize at the same time!
Read the mechanics from below and stay tuned to our Facebook Official Fanpage!

Eevee Details
Date1 Jiro 2018
Time1500Hrs - 1900Hrs
Prizes[30D] Exclusive Item Oh!

  • GM will post jokes on Facebook Official Fanpage between 1500 to 1900hrs.
  • After posting, GM will create a room with password in game within half an hour. The password will be the keyword of the joke posted.
    For example: The joke posted is [This is a “joke”.] The keyword will always be highlighted. And the keyword=joke will be the password to enter GM rooms.
  • First and fastest 6 players that enter the room for each round will get a prize.
  • Players may only win once per event.
  • GM has the right and almighty Thanos power to alter the event according to their fit.

We have prepared several jokes we think is fun (at least we think it is). Be ready to get LOL!

-AuditionSEA GMLohWhoElse