New Conversion Rate for @CASH Malaysia to @Cash Singapore

Dear Clubbers,

Please be informed that there due to conversion rate fluctuation, Top Up Services through CIB Pins & Online Payment will be adjusted periodically. Conversion rate was last updated on 16 August 2017.

Type Price inclusive GST CP Points @Cash SG
Physical Card RM 5.30 50 1,517
Physical Card/E-pin/MAXIS RM 10.60 100 3,034
E-pin/MAXIS RM 21.20 200 6,069
Physical Card/E-pin/MAXIS RM 31.80 300 9,103
Physical Card/E-pin/MAXIS RM 53.00 500 15,172
E-pin/MAXIS RM 63.60 600 18,207
E-pin RM 79.50 750 22,758
Physical Card/E-pin/MAXIS RM 106.00 1,000 30,345
E-pin RM 159.00 1,500 45,517
E-pin RM 212.00 2,000 60,689
E-pin RM 318.00 3,000 91,034
E-pin RM 530.00 5,000 151,723

We apologize for all the inconvenience this has caused and seek your understanding as we improve the services for our players.
Thanks for your support and understanding.

- AuditionSEA Administrator

Sign Up Guide

Register for an Asiasoft Passport

Step 1:
Visit https://passport.asiasoftsea.com
Click on the "Sign Up" link to proceed with the registration.

Step 2:
Key-in your preferred Login ID, Password and Email address twice.
Enter the CAPTCHA code exactly as seen. (You may click on the refresh arrow until you get an easy-to-read code.)

Check the box beside "Yes, I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions".

Click on the "Submit" button to proceed.

Do remember the Login ID you have chosen as you will be using it to access your Asiasoft Passport account from now on.
Ensure that the email address provided is valid as email verification will be required at the end of registration.
The same email address cannot be used to register for more than 1 Asiasoft Passport.

Step 3:
Upon successful registration, an email will be sent to the email address you have used to register for your Asiasoft Passport.

Click on the "Return to Login Page" to continue.

Game Client Patch 22/08/2017

Dear Clubbers,

There will be a game client patch on 22 August 2017, from 1030hrs till 1530hrs.
Game services will be unavailable during the maintenance.

This patch will include:

  • 7 new songs
  • 3 classic songs
  • 100 avatars!
  • Town Decoration
  • x2 EXP from 22 Aug - 31 Aug 2017

-AuditionSEA Administrator

Community Organized: FOTY 2017(Unofficial)

Dear Clubbers,

Congratulation to the winning FAMs from FOTY 2017 (Unofficial) and a BIG THANK to sponsors and helpers!

Champion: Hiraeth
1st Runner-up: Cheesecake
2nd Runner-up: PlayHouse
Stylish Wing Set(30 days)

Event Sponsors
Token of appreciation: Cheek Kissing Face(14 days)

Event Helpers
Token of appreciation: Starting Stars(7days)

Thank you Clubbers! All prizes has been credited.
Do support our official FAM of the Year 2017 that is upcoming too!

See you soon!

-AuditionSEA Administrator

Mission Impossible

Dear Clubbers,

A huge challenge is coming your way after August's patch!
We want to keep you prepared!
Join our Mission Impossible event and prepare yourself!

Event Details
Date13 August 2017
Time1500hrs - 1600hrs
LocationFree 1
SongRandom ~100BPM
MissionGet ALL COOLs
PrizesCrazy Queen Mini Backpack (7days)

Good luck and have fun!

-AuditionSEA Administrator