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Register for an Asiasoft Passport

Step 1:
Visit https://passport.asiasoftsea.com
Click on the "Sign Up" link to proceed with the registration.

Step 2:
Key-in your preferred Login ID, Password and Email address twice.
Enter the CAPTCHA code exactly as seen. (You may click on the refresh arrow until you get an easy-to-read code.)

Check the box beside "Yes, I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions".

Click on the "Submit" button to proceed.

Do remember the Login ID you have chosen as you will be using it to access your Asiasoft Passport account from now on.
Ensure that the email address provided is valid as email verification will be required at the end of registration.
The same email address cannot be used to register for more than 1 Asiasoft Passport.

Step 3:
Upon successful registration, an email will be sent to the email address you have used to register for your Asiasoft Passport.

Click on the "Return to Login Page" to continue.

[Event] Bad Day

Dear Clubbers,

Are you having a bad day? We have good tips on "How to survive a bad day!"

How to survive a bad day?

  • Listen to a favourite song
  • Sing along a favourite song
  • Talk to your BFF
  • Give and get a hug
  • Do some exercise
  • Have some peace and alone time

How to survive a bad day?(Clubber Version)

  • Listen to a favourite song - AuditionSEA Lobby Song
  • Sing along a favourite song - Get lyrics tool, select favourite song, click start!
  • Talk to your BFF - FAM house, MacGarden, locked room
  • Give and get a hug - Couple/Club Dance
  • Do some vigorous exercise - Beat Rush and Guitar mode are good for this!
  • Have some peace and alone time - Go challenge some NPC is story mode.
To conclude the above, simply play AuditionSEA to feel better ;chan !

Now, join our Bad Day event, hit all the BADS here and feel better!

Event Details
Date29 April 2017
Time2000hrs - 2100hrs
Game ModeChoreography C-4 Direction
*GMs will host rooms for players to join and everyone can take part
*GM will play random 140 bpm songs
*Players are only allowed to join once
*Players with highest number of bad judgement will get the prize
*GM has the right to alter the event according to their fit
Prizes - Happy Pinky Octopus (7days)

-AuditionSEA Administrator

Game Client Patch 25/04

Dear Clubbers,

There will be a game client patch on 25 April 2017, from 1000hrs till 1530hrs.
Game services will be unavailable during the maintenance.

This patch will include:

  • New Login Banner!
  • Prince Planet FAM Items
  • 1 couple shop set
  • 4 Accessories
  • Ice Cream PomPom DJ Deck
  • 10 songs
  • 120 avatars!

Manual Patch: Version 6240 to 6241

-AuditionSEA Administrator

Full Client (Downloader)


Good Friday & Easter Sunday!

Dear Clubbers,

Be Good boy and Good girl during this holiday season and bring goodies home!

Date14 April 2017Time1700hrs - 1800hrs
ModeChoreography C-4SongGM's choice
CriteriaPlayer with most "GOOD"PrizeDiego Special Gift Box

Easter Sunday
Date16 April 2017Time1500hrs - 1600hrs
ModeCrazy Beat RushSongGM's choice
CriteriaTop scorer of each roomPrizeBunny Hoodie

-AuditionSEA Administrator

Beat Them Up - That’s What I Like

Dear Clubbers,

Lucky for you, that's what I like, that's what I like!

That's our favorite song for this week! Come challenge our GMs and see who gets beaten up!

Beat Them Up - That's What I Like
Date08 April 2017Time1500hrs - 1600hrs
ModeBeat Up 6 DirectionSongBruno Mars - That's what I like
CriteriaTop 2 scorers of each roomPrizeBurning Fire

Have a song you want to challenge the GM on?
Leave a comment on our Facebook, and see which GM dares to take up the challenge!

Thank you for the participation. We are pleased to announce the winners.


Prizes has been credited to all winners, please check your giftbox in game.

-AuditionSEA Administrator