Closure FAQ

End of Service for AuditionSEA FAQ

1. Why is Asiasoft closing AuditionSEA services in Singapore & Malaysia?

AuditionSEA has been running faithfully servicing players from Singapore & Malaysia for the past 12 years.
However, since Audition Next Level, a new Audition service on PlayPark Platform has launched in March 2018,
users are attracted to cross over as it can offer much more than our existing AuditionSEA.
We have decided to discontinue this service so that we can better optimize our operational resources and spend more time and
effort in providing more for our players from Singapore & Malaysia.

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2. How will this closure affect AuditionSEA players?

Players can still enjoy AuditionSEA fully till 14 August 2018. Shopping mall will then be closed on 15 August 2018.
Finally on 31 August 2018, the game services will end.
Players are also encouraged to join the bigger and better Audition service over at Audition Next Level.

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3. What will happen to my AuditionSEA account? Can I migrate my level or avatars to Audition Next Level?

AuditionSEA game account cannot be migrated over to Audition Next Level as it is a separate service on different platform. You can tag your AuditionSEA game account to an Audition Next Level game account via PLAYLOUNGE to gain migrated users perks.

On top of that, cash spenders of different tier will also be eligible for compensation on Audition Next Level in Audition Cash upon successful account tagging.

TAG your account HERE before 30 November 2018.

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4. I still have @cash in my account. What do I need to do?

Eligibility of cash compensation are based on topped up amount. Thus, even if you have not fully utilized your Audition Cash on AuditionSEA, you will still be eligible for Audition Cash compensation.
(Only the converted @cash to Audition Cash eligible for Audition Cash compensation)

Conversion of @cash to AuditionSEA will be available until 13 AUG 2018, 12pm. Player can choose to convert it to AuditionSEA.
Or not convert it, @cash will be remained in Asiasoft Passport account, and is NOT REFUNDABLE.

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5. How do I tag an AuditionSEA account to Audition Next Level account?

I. You can tag the account at PLAYLOUNGE.
II. Login to PLAYLOUNGE with PlayID, if you don’t have a PlayID, sign up here.
III. After login to PLAYLOUNGE, on the left menu, click on “Tag Account”.
IV. Simply input your AuditionSEA’s Game ID and that’s it!

Note: To create a character in Audition Next Level, download and install the game, login with PlayID,
and a website for character creation will be prompted out, create the character and done!

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6. What will happen when I tag the account?

Upon account tagging, all users will receive an Exclusive bundle of welcome package.
Tagged users who are eligible for Audition Cash compensation will be informed and Audition Cash will be credited to their Audition Next Level game account.

Audition Cash Compensation:

Compensation TierSGD Spent on AuditionSEA
in the past 5 years
ANL ingame Cash Compensation
Tier 1>SGD 10,000800,000 ANL Cash
Tier 2SGD 9,999 > SGD 5,000500,000 ANL Cash
Tier 3SGD 4,999 > SGD 1,000200,000 ANL Cash
Tier 4SGD 999 > SGD 100100,000 ANL Cash
Tier 5< SGD 100Linked account permanent set

Tagged users who are eligible for Audition Cash compensation, compensation will be credited within 1 month.
(There will be announcement when the compensation is being processed, do note that it’s not done instantly and it might be credited in batches)

Compensation are only eligible for Audition Next Level account which login with PlayID.

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7. How do I sign up for an Audition Next Level account?

You can sign up for a PlayID account here.
Download Audition Next Level game client here.
Install and launch your newly installed game client.
You will be prompted to create an Audition Next Level Game Account when you login for the first time.

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8. What should I do if I have further questions not listed above?

You can contact us via
AuditionSEA Facebook page
Audition Next Level SGMY group
• PlayPark Forum (Coming soon)