Featured Item of the week: Cool~ Soda Shake

Dear Clubbers,

We have a special deal this weekend for this school holiday!
Purchase our featured item for the week and get freebies!
This week's item: Cool~ Soda Shake

Cool~ Soda Shake is the coolest accessory from our latest Black Label Collection!

Purchase a Cool~ Soda Shake and get 10 x2 EXP Free!
Event Period: 24 June 2017 (0000hrs) ~ 27 June 2017 (2359hrs)

x2 EXP will be credited on 28 June 2017.

-AuditionSEA Administrator

Congratulations! We are please to announce the winners of x2 EXP coupons for every Cool~ Soda Shake purchase during event period.

Winner list

Thank you for your participation!