Focus on what you can Control II (Second Edition)

Dear Clubbers,

Tell us a thing that you can't control?

Event Details
Date8 July 2018
Time1500Hrs - 1600Hrs
Game ModeChoreography C8 Direction
ChanceReverse Chance - Free
ChannelEvent Channel
Prizes[7D] Exclusive Item

  • GM will announce the event in-game and create a room.
  • Before the song start, GM will specify a certain score placing that the players should be targeting in order to win.
    The specified placing will be varies for every rounds. The player who managed to get the specific place, will win a prize.
  • A player can only win once in the event.
  • GM has the right to alter the event according to their fit.


For players that did not win in the event, you are able to control your own action! If the last number of your score is even number,
screenshot it, and attach to this post as comment, you can get a lucky present from us!

Let's play together and have FUN!

-AuditionSEA Administrator