[GUIDE] iBox Support

1. Go to PlayPark Support website: http://support.playpark.com . Click iBox “Submit your inquiry here” and you will be directed to “iBox Support” Page. You can file your ticket instantly without signing up.

2. Click "Select" box for the drop down menu, beside "Nature of Enquiry". * Select Asiasoft Passport [All account related concerns for MapleStory and Audition]

3. Complete the needed information and enter the correct “Captcha”

a. General Enquiry: General concerns related to the game.
b. Account Login Related: Concerns regarding the following:
i. Hacked/Compromised Account
ii. Cannot Access Account
iii. Forgot Account
c. Cash Items: Concerns related to items brought via item mall.
d. Bug: Concerns related to bugs in game such as item, quest, skill, etc.
e. Technical: Concerns related to technical and connection issues.
f. Abuse Report: Concerns related to players who violated the game policies.
g. Item Lost: Concerns related to items that got hacked, lost which may be due to bugs or glitches.

Note: If you want to attach pictures, upload the Unedited image onto a free image hosting site (eg., Photobucket [http://www.photobucket.com], Imgur [http://imgur.com/], Imageshack [http://www.imageshack.us]) and paste the URL at the “Image URL” box.

Note: Make sure that you use a valid and existing email address. All replies will be sent to your email address.

4. Click “Submit”

5. Once you submit your ticket, you will be notified that your ticket has been submitted. "_Your Request has been submitted Successfully. You will be contacted by Support Team within 3 days_".

6. Check your email address for the reply from our Customer Support Team. Please check also your spam or junk mail.

7. You will find your ticket/case ID # at the subject of the email.

8. Ticket/Case ID # is needed in case you will make a follow-up on your request.

9. All replies will be sent to your email address. Kindly make sure that you use a valid and existing email address.

Thank you!