[GUIDE] Topup

Prepaid Card

1. Visit https://passport.asiasoftsea.com/login.aspx

2. Login your account details such as LoginID and Password.

3. Enter the Captcha code.

4. Once inside the Account Page, Click on “@Cash” button.

- Be sure that your account is updated with your full details such as National ID, Name, Address and Date of Birth for you to be able to top up.

5. Click on the image of the payment channel you wish to use for your purchase

6. Enter the “Serial Number”,” Security Code” and “Captcha” code, then click on “Top Up” button.

- Kindly ensure to key-in the correct alphanumerical characters and it is case-sensitive.

How to Convert @cash

1. On the “Account Summary” page, click “Convert Game Cash” button.

2. Choose the desired game/s where you want to convert your @cash.

3. Click “Charge” button.

4. Your Current @Cash Balance and Current Game Cash Balance will be shown. Key in the amount you wish to convert on the field provided, then click “Next”.

- Ensure that you choose the correct game for each conversion because all @Cash which has been converted to game cash cannot be undone, transferred, refunded, or reversed.

5. Enter “Captcha Code” and click “Confirm” if the amount you entered is correct or “Back” if you want to change the amount to be converted.

6. You will see a notification once your purchase is completed.

7. You may check your Transaction History to ensure that the @cash you have converted is successful.

8. You may also check you ingame balance if you received your game cash. If not, kindly send a report to iBox for further assistance.