Journey to the Top!

Dear Clubbers,

There will be events by GM throughout whole March as well! This week,
Get together with GMJiro for the Journey to the Top!

Event Details
Date10 March 2018
Time1500Hrs - 1600Hrs
Game ModePerfect Champion 4Key
ChanceReverse Chance - Level 3
ChannelEvent Channel
PrizesBusker Couple Style Shoes (7days)

  • GM will announce the event in-game and create a room.
  • The first six (6) players to enter the room will be the participants.
  • Player with the Highest Perfect Chain Score will be the winner.
  • In case of tie, the player with highest total score will be the winners.
  • Players may only win once per event.
  • GM has the right to alter the event according to their fit.

-AuditionSEA Administrator