Mascot General Guide

Mascot is a companion that can be brought along with you in game.
Unlike Pets, You can level up your Mascot and unlock functions.
Mascot can have its own personality; grant your Mascot a personality by clearing the personality quest!
Own a Mascot now~!

Mascot Purchase & Preferences

1. Click MASCOT SALON in Shopping Mall

2. Both Male and Female Mascot can be purchased. However, only one of the Purchased Mascots can be brought along with player.
(Repeating the purchase of a same gender Mascot will increase the period of the Mascot)

3. Period of Mascot can be chosen between 30days, 90days, and 365days. Insert Nickname and click confirm to purchase the Mascot.

4. Avatars can be purchased and worn by Mascot. More avatars will be unlocked when the Mascot reaches certain levels.

5. Snacks can be purchased to feed Mascot to increase its intimacy.

Mascot Menu

1. Mascot Icon – can be found beside “My Info” in lobby. (And right click Mascot in game room)

2. Mascot INFO – Personality can be chosen by clearing the quest from QUEST TAB.

3. Type of Quest accepted will determine Mascot’s Personality. Quest can be abandoned and accept another again.

4. After the personality quest is done and the Mascot’s personality is set, INFO, SNACK, and GIFT TAB will be unlocked.

Mascot Intimacy

1. Gift box can be acquired as the Intimacy levels increases.

2. Ways to increase intimacy

i. Gameplay – Normal Mode, Beat Rush, One-two party, Beat Up, Club Dance, Sports Dance, S-B-boy Battle,
Rhythm Holic, Block Beat, Boy’s & Girls, Perfect Champion.
ii. Snacks – Provide snack to mascot (Available after 30 minutes after giving a snack, up to 3 snacks a day)
iii. Stay online – Stay for more than 30 minutes.

3. Intimacy Decay

i. Offline for a certain period will result in intimacy decay.

Mascot Level

1. Displayed in Mascot’s INFO, functions will be unlocked upon reaching certain levels.

2. Mascot level EXP can be obtained by playing any mode that can obtain intimacy.

3. “Transform” Function will be unlocked when Mascot reaches Level25.

i. Number of transformations and duration of transformation depends on the Level of Mascot.
Number and duration of it increases as the level increases.
ii. Reset at 0400hrs every day.
iii. “Cheer Mode” will be available when the player is at 1st or 2nd place in the game.
Mascot appears and cheer player (the tone of the mascot is depending on its personality)

Mascot EXP Levels


4. Mascot Dance

Dance as Mascot of your choice in game!

“Mascot Dance” Function will be unlocked when Mascot reaches Level50.
i. No limit of the number of Mascot Dance.
ii. Only in Choreography, Expert Choreography, 4-directions, 8-directions, Choreography-C-4 Direction,
Choreography-C-8 Direction, and Crazy 9 Modes. (Player appears normally if the mode played is not supported)