[Photo Sticker Contest] Pink-est outfit

Dear Clubbers,

To show support for inclusiveness, diversity and the freedom to love, dress up in pink in AuditionSEA on 01 July 2017 and stand a chance to bring a "Lovely Pink Lips Top" home.

  1. Dress up in the Pink-est avatars of AuditionSEA
  2. Purchase and use a "Display Photo Sticker" from Fashion Mall > Item
  3. Locate the Photo Sticker under "C:\Program Files (x86)\AuditionSEA\AuditionSEA\SCREENSHOT"
  4. Post the photo sticker, together with your in-game-nickname on AuditionSEA's Facebook Event Post
  5. The administrators will vote and pick 3 best dressed Clubbers
  6. Prizes will be credited on 4th July 2017.


-AuditionSEA Administrator