Puzzle Event

Dear Clubbers,

Have you finish collecting the White Kitty Diamond Deck Puzzle through completing rounds of games with at least 3 players in the same room?
Here's your chance to win more than just discount & exchange coupons.
Be the first 20 to post a screen shot of your character on our Facebook Post HERE and bring a Diamond DJ Deck back!

Puzzle Guide

  1. In game lobby click on the puzzle icon to the left of your character to check on puzzle pieces collected
  2. Play in a game room with 3 or more players (More users has higher chance to gain puzzle
  3. After each round, Puzzle piece you gain or "BOOM" will appear
  4. Upon collecting all 15 pieces, go to game lobby and click on puzzle icon again
  5. Take a screen shot of your character with completed puzzle, post the image on AuditionSEA's Facebook post with your In-game-nickname

Enjoy everyone!

-AuditionSEA Administrator

Congratulations to all winners! We have extended the prize to all participants!


All prizes has been credited, please check your gift box!

-AuditionSEA Administrator