Set Avatars SALES!

Dear Clubbers,

We will be having a special 7-day SET avatar sales throughout this whole week!
Buy a specific 30-days SET in Shopping Mall and get a specific 30-days PET for FREE!
BUT! Different offer will be only be eligible on different day.
So, do check out the information below to make sure the date and the specific SET offer.

Sales Details

DATE24 Apr 2018 0001hrs - 2359 hrs (Tuesday)
SETPink BabyGirl Hoodie [F] (30Days)SETBlue BabyBoy Hoodie [M] (30Days)
FREETeacup Puppy Tini [F] (30Days)FREETeacup Puppy Tini [M] (30Days)

DATE25 Apr 2018 0001hrs - 2359 hrs (Wednesday)
SETYomi Bear Couple Style [F] (30Days)SETYomi Bear Couple Style [M] (30Days)
FREEBlue Candy Panda [F] (30Days)FREEBlue Candy Panda [M] (30Days)

DATE26 Apr 2018 0001hrs - 2359 hrs (Thursday)
SETRabbit Heart Couple Set [F] (30Days)SETRabbit Heart Couple Set [M] (30Days)
FREEFairy Godmother Maya [F] (30Days)FREEFairy Godmother Maya [M] (30Days)

DATE27 Apr 2018 0001hrs - 2359 hrs (Friday)
SETNoble Countess [F] (30Days)SETNoble Count [M] (30Days)
FREEMini Noble Count [F] (30Days)FREEMini Noble Countess [M] (30Days)

DATE28 Apr 2018 0001hrs - 2359 hrs (Saturday)
SETRoro [F] (30Days)SETRobo [M] (30Days)
FREEMini Robo [F] (30Days)FREEMini Roro [M] (30Days)

The Sun [F] (30Days)
DATE29 Apr 2018 0001hrs - 2359 hrs (Sunday)
SETChicky Mimi [F] (30Days)SETChicky Juni [M] (30Days)
FREEFREEThe Sun [M] (30Days)

DATE30 Apr 2018 0001hrs - 2359 hrs (Monday)
SETCute Cat Hoodie [F] (30Days)SETCute Cat Hoodie [M] (30Days)
FREEAngora Cat [F] (30Days)FREEAngora Cat [M] (30Days)

Terms and Conditions

  1. Offers are ONLY for SET(30days) [E.g: Purchase Set(30Days) to get Pet(30days)].
  2. Shoes/bottom shown in the images are not included in the offer.
  3. Specific item offer is on specific period ONLY.
  4. Pet(Reward) can be stacked, duration of the reward will be extended.
  5. No limit of purchase.
  6. Send as present to others will not be counted as purchase (Offer only available for the purchases to own character).
  7. Rewards will be credited within 3~7days after event
  8. AuditionSEA has the right to alter the event details.
-AuditionSEA Administrator