The Challenge of Chance

Dear Clubbers,

Challenge the chances you have!

Event Details
Date6 May 2018
Time1500Hrs - 1600Hrs
Game ModeChoreography C8 Direction
ChanceReverse Chance - Level 3
ChannelEvent Channel
Prizes[7D] Exclusive shoes

  • GM will host a rooms for players to join and everyone can take part.
  • Before the song start, GM will specify a certain score placing that the players should be targeting in order to win.
    The specified placing will be varies for every rounds.
  • All players must have their chance on. Players with their chance off will be disqualified.
  • A player can only win once in the event.
  • GM has the right to alter the event according to their fit.

Let's play together to have FUN!

-AuditionSEA Administrator