The Witching Hour

Dear Clubbers,

Others say the Witching Hour is 3AM... but to us, we are sure it's 6pm!
Event are harder to win during this time, don't believe? Come try it!

Event Details
Date05 November 2017
Time1800hrs - 1900hrs
ModeChoreography C-4
ChanceReverse Chance Level 4
Event Mechanics
  • GM will announce the event in-game and create a room.
  • The first six (6) players to enter the room will be the participants.
  • After each round, player with highest perfect score will get a prize.
  • In case of tie, player with highest score will be the winner.
  • Players may only win once per event.
  • GM has the right to alter the event according to their fit.
White Fearless Wings (7days)

-AuditionSEA Administrator