What is Audition?
Audition is a free-to-play massive multiplayer online game (MMOG) that brings everyone together in a world to enjoy music, dance, fashion and to form friendships!

Is Audition Free-to-Play (F2P)?
Yes! AuditionSEA is definitely Free-to-Play! All Asiasoft games are free-to-play and will remain that way. You only spend in-game when you wish to purchase clothes, accessories or items which will help to differentiate your character from the others.

I am not from Singapore or Malaysia, will I be able to play AuditionSEA?
AuditionSEA only provide services to players from Singapore and Malaysia. However, we welcome players from other countries to join us in AuditionSEA.

Will Asiasoft ever ask me for my password?
NEVER. Your password is yours to keep and should not be known by anyone else but yourself. Asiasoft, T3 Entertainment and YD Online will NEVER ask for sensitive information such as this. Please do not give your password out to anyone. Asiasoft will not be responsible for any loss of items due to personal negligence.

Is AuditionSEA compatible with the Windows 10?
AuditionSEA compatible with Windows 10 since December 2016.

When is Audition being updated?
We update Audition once a month to bring the latest content updates to our Clubbers! There will also be regular server maintenance to ensure that our servers are working and to reduce latency and errors.
There will be a disruption of service during these periods. Please refrain from connecting to Audition until maintenance period. Check out the Notice section for duration of maintenance periods.


Is Audition easy to play?
Yes. Audition is definitely easy to learn how to play, but difficult to master! You will need fast fingers, a great music sense to excel in the game!

How do I start playing Audition?
You just need to visit https://passport.asiasoftsea.com/ to create your AuditionSEA account and you would have just completed the first step to playing Audition. Next download the latest installation file from our "Download" section and install it on your computer. Create your character and you will be ready to start playing Audition! For more information on downloading, installing and creating your characters, visit the "Guides" section on our website.

Why are there so many different servers and channels in Audition?
The number of servers and channels is to allow more players to play in Audition and also to allow players to visit the channels which suit their choice of game-play and to mix with players of similar standards.

The "Entry" server serves the "Stiffy" beginners who are between Level 1 to Level 5. Practice Mode is only available in this server to allow Stiffys to practise their moves before they join the rest of the players. In addition, there is only up to 7 levels of keynote arrows in this server for any easy start. Songs available in the "Entry" server are also of lower "Beats per Minute" (BPM).

The "Novice" server is for players between Level 6 to 10. There is no Practice Mode available in this server and this is where you start facing the real challenges. Songs available here are of faster BPM and you will play up to 9 levels of keynote arrows in each game play.

In this server, you will also have to face the "red arrow" keynote in the Finishing Move. You may also activate the "Chance Mode" in this server by pressing the "Delete" key on your keyboard to gain more score.

The "Free" server is the server for everyone! All levels may go to this server but be prepared to face even faster songs, up to 11 levels of keynote arrows and "red arrow" keynote in the Finishing Move . The Chance Mode is also available in the Free server.

What is Chance Mode?
The "Chance Mode" is a mode in which players can choose to activate "red arrows" during their game play to gain higher scores.

This mode is available in the "Novice" and "Free" servers. When the "Chance Mode" is activated, you will see a few arrow keys in red depending on the level selected, hit those keys in the opposite direction of the indicated arrows. If you manage to complete the keynote sequence, you will achieve a higher score for that move!

The more red arrows, the higher the score. Currently you can select up to having 6 "red arrows" in each game play. You may turn on / off the "Chance Mode" whenever you want by pressing the "Delete" key on your keyboard.

Chance mode is not available for FreeStyle Battle.

What is "Den"?
Den is Audition's in-game currency which can be used for purchase of some items. It can be earned through playing and / or winning the game with other players, engaging in Battle Parties and completing Story Modes & missions.

Why cant I level after Level 5?
You will see that your level is still at "Level 5" even after your experience bar hits 100% at Level 5. This is because for all levels after Level 5, you are required to take a license in order to proceed to the next level.

You may take the license by clicking on the "License" button at the top right-hand corner of the screen and this is only available in the "Free" server. Each try costs 200 Dens. You will need to complete the stated criteria after the game play in order to pass your License.

After you have passed your license, your level will automatically be changed to "Level 6" and your class will be changed to "Novice". Thereafter, you will not be able to enter the "Entry" server. There will be more challenges awaiting you in the "Novice" and "Free" servers.

What if I failed my license?
You will have to retake the license until you pass in order to progress to the next level. Although you may still continue to play the game without passing the license, you will not be able to gain the experience, level and Dens for the game play. NOTE: You will need to take a license for each level after level 5.

Why can't I purchase items in the Fashion Mall that indicates an A-Cash pricing?
You can only purchase A-Cash items if you have Audition Cash available. For more information on topping up Audition Cash, read the FAQ section on "A-Cash".

My keynote window suddenly went missing!
You may have accidentally pressed the "Tab" key, which activates the advanced playing interface. Advanced playing interface enables players to play the game based on the music rhythm instead of the visual. Turn it off by pressing the "Tab" key again.

The different camera views are making me dizzy!
You may make the camera view fixed at a certain angle by pressing the "F2" key on your keyboard. Rotate between the different camera views by pressing "F2" continuously.

My Gift Box Item suddenly went missing!
Please take note that items in the Gift Box not cleared within 3 months will be expired and cleared from the Gift Box.

The different camera views are making me dizzy!
You may make the camera view fixed at a certain angle by pressing the "F2" key on your keyboard. Rotate between the different camera views by pressing "F2" continuously.

How do I play the 8-directional keystroke modes?
You will need a 9-key numberpad in order to play 8-directional keystroke modes. Most laptops do not support the 9-key numberpad, hence players using laptops will need to get an external numberpad to play the 8-directional keystrokes modes..

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