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  • Game Client Patch 07/06[06/06]

    Please be informed that there will be a Game Client Patch on 07June 2016, Tuesday from 1000 ~1500 Hrs (GMT+8).

  • Short Bug Fix (17/05/16)[16/05]

    Game service has resumed since 1240 Hrs (GMT +8).

    There will be a bug fix patch on 17 May 2016, Tuesday, from 1000 to 1600 Hrs (+8 GMT).

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  • Dynamic CC8 Results[23/06]

    We are pleased to announce that the winner of our Dynamic CC8. Congratulations to our winners and awesome players who braced through the storm of Dynamic CC8. You guys were a bunch of dynamic players!

  • Do You Even Dance Results[23/06]

    The waiting is over~ Congratulations to all our winners that make their way to the dancefloor and survived the battle of crazy freestyling!

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  • Big Money[23/06]


    Calling all the millionaire lifestyle clubbers, this is the call for you to make your a-cash bills rain and earn prize in return by spinning our WOF!

  • 50 Million Dare[20/06]


    If one thing AudiSEA GMs cannot deny is, we have awesome players that can dance very well in our dance floor. But we have come to sudden realization that there are not much challenges and desired score to achieve. Hence, calling all awesome players, come and join us in Double Dare You, collaborate together to hit the 5 Million score together!

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  • @Cash Promotion
  • Free @Cash
Ranking FAM Name FAM Points
1 Legends 4624370
2 Grudge 3459407
3 FlameOut 2864311
4 _AngKongKia_ 1753027
5 Regal 1459305
6 ~HSH~ 1448196
7 I~Casino~I 1406147
8 ~FULL~HOUSE~ 1372172
9 _WeR~NoRULE_ 1349270
10 Fortitude 1312983
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Ranking NickName Level Grade
1 BabyXue 99 Maestro (Gold)
2 Herlolli 99 Maestro (Gold)
3 veile 99 Maestro (Gold)
4 Elori 99 Maestro (Gold)
5 Remy 99 Maestro (Gold)
6 Brandt 99 Maestro (Gold)
7 TROYY 99 Maestro (Gold)
8 BabyYang 99 Maestro (Gold)
9 Hislolli 99 Maestro (Gold)
10 ~HEART 99 Maestro (Gold)
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